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 Clean the roof tops D

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Clean the roof tops D Empty
PostSubject: Clean the roof tops D   Clean the roof tops D EmptyThu Jul 28, 2011 2:24 pm


Nuri arrived at the mission building with her teammate ready to receive their next mission. Nuri took the form from the man readying it out lot." The mission requires the ninja(s) to clean the roof tops of the hokage building. Their was a huge party a couple of days ago and nobody wanted to clean it up. Nuri signed looking to Saruno pulling him along. Nuri jumped on the roof and began to clean." Jezz, this place is a mess, its going to take forever to clean this up". Nuri got down to work flinging the trash off the ruff top letting Saruno collect it and throw it away.
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Clean the roof tops D
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