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 Clean the gutters D

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PostSubject: Clean the gutters D   Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:57 pm


Nuri walked over to the neborhood frowning just knowing her selected assignment would be rather distasteful." Of all missions, why did me and Saruno get picked to handle this one.? Reaching down into her pocket, Nuri took out two protective gloves placing one at a time turning to Saruno." Alright, I will handle this side of the area while you take the other side of the area. Nuri took off jumping onto the closest roof starting to clean. One by one, she dug out the moody leafs carefully tossing them into trash bags that were aligned before she had arrived." Finished, and that only took three hours". She looked over her shoulder spotting Saruno just standing there. I wonder if he finished.
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PostSubject: Re: Clean the gutters D   Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:09 pm

Saruno Satoshi

"why out of all the teams me and Nuri got picked for a stupid mission like this. Saruno heard over the which side Nuri had a nd which side he had. "o okay got it Nuri. just as Nuri did Saruno took out to gloves and reached up into the gutter and a whole bunch of dirt came out of the gutters pouring all over Saruno. Saruno screamed its not fair Nuri has the easiest gutters while i have the dirtiest ones. Okay you know what im just going to go up there and get it out of the way. Saruno went up there and after 3 hours he came back finished all dirty. He looked back at Nuri checking if she was done "well looks like were both finished lets get going.

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hours he came back finished all dirt.
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Clean the gutters D
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