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 D - Clean the House

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PostSubject: D - Clean the House   Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:23 pm


“You'll find all the cleaning supplies you need in the closet next to the laundry room,” the man told her, handing her the keys to the house. “I have to go to several meetings today, but I'll be back later. If you finish cleaning the place up before I return, then please remember to lock the doors when you go. I don't want anyone breaking in and stealing my things.”

The man gave her a nod and then headed out, leaving Sonya there alone to clean the place. She wheeled herself over to the closet to get out all the cleaning supplies, then made several shadow clones to help out.

“Okay, you get the bathroom, you get the kitchen, you get the living room, and you...” Sonya started, giving her clones instructions. “You... follow me around and get any of the high to reach places that I can't because of this wheelchair. Everyone clear on their instructions?”

“Aye aye!” the clones shouted in unison, then hurrying off to go complete their tasks. With their help, the job was done in no time.
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D - Clean the House
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