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 Clean Hokage Mountain

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PostSubject: Clean Hokage Mountain   Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:29 am

Akimichi Douza

The moment that Douza learned what their latest assignment was her eyes went all buggy. Once they were out of earshot from anyone that actually mattered, Douza gave a hardy pat to Shouta's back, wished him luck... and headed home.

Douza isn't afraid of heights. She is however allergic to climbing to the top of mountains and exerting effort into working hard.
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PostSubject: Re: Clean Hokage Mountain   Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:43 am

Hayashi Shouta

Shouta sweat dropped as Douza just gave him a pat and left. Was she kidding? he hadn't done a single thing to help in any of these missions! And now she was just not even going to come along? Wasn't there some kind of law against this? Couldn't the council have her disbarred from being a shinobi? Or... or something?! Like, force her to help, anything. Why did he always have to do everything himself? This was ridiculous!

He glared at her for a long time. Even after she had disappeared from sight, he kept staring where she'd been. What on earth had he done to deserve this? Muttering to himself, he headed over to the Hokage mountain, now having to cary all the cleaning supplies himself, and work the scaffolding himself, so that he could scrub off all the damn graffiti. Damn fucking hell shit ass fucker mother fucker... was about what he kept saying to himself.
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Clean Hokage Mountain
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