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 D - Clean Toilets

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PostSubject: D - Clean Toilets   D - Clean Toilets EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 1:30 pm


Well, she couldn't say this was the favorite job she'd ever done. In fact, it was probably close to the very bottom of the barrel for her. She could see now why the bar had wanted outside help to come in and clean their restrooms instead of doing it themselves. It was absolutely disgusting in here. She would swear that half the drunk idiots that wandered in here didn't even make it to the toilets before they puked or did whatever else it was they had come in there to do.

The stench alone made Sonya dizzy. She wanted to puke herself, but she was able to refrain. That would only add to the mess that she had to clean up. Instead, she muscled through the nastiness of the restrooms and got to work, scrubbing and disinfecting, and sterilizing everything. By the time she was done with the place, it was shiny and sparkly, like new.

Of course, her efforts would be wasted, as later that night more drunk patrons would come in to dirty it again, but at least it looked nice for a day. That was what she told herself as she left the bar, anyway, though not before ordering a couple of drinks and then wheeling herself out of there. They had good sake.
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D - Clean Toilets
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