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 D - Clean the Back Room

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D - Clean the Back Room Empty
PostSubject: D - Clean the Back Room   D - Clean the Back Room EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 1:32 pm


If Sonya had a hundred ryo for every person that hired a shinobi to clean something for them simply because they were too lazy, she'd be rich. Well... okay, maybe not rich, considering she DID get paid that much for such tasks. But that wasn't to point. The point was that this place was a pig sty. Papers everywhere, desks upturned, shelves loose and hanging by a single nail... one would think that no one had ever cleaned in here, or not in a very long time.

She could see now why no one ever went in this back room and why it needed to be tidied up so badly. Of course, that didn't excuse this mess, but whatever. She was forced to make some more shadow clones in order to help her, since there was no way she was going to be able to do all this in a wheelchair. She swore her clones were starting to get tired of doing all her work for her... then again, they were her clones and so couldn't exactly complain about it. They were happy to do her work... at least that's what she assumed. No matter, the job would be done shortly, at least.
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D - Clean the Back Room
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