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 C-Rank - Monster Hunting

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PostSubject: C-Rank - Monster Hunting   C-Rank - Monster Hunting EmptyTue Aug 02, 2011 4:01 am

Alice Takemori

Alice scampered across the road leading next to the forest. The creature had allegedly made attacks on civilians passing by the forest or adjacent areas, so she was gripping Tenki closely in her left hand. The reports weren't too helpful, what with the people being all traumatised and whatnot. Still, it would probably be easy to spot a giant hostile thing, even if she didn't know what it was.

Eventually, Alice's cautious, gradual approach led her into the dark forest. Just from the immediate area, there was evidence of a large creature having walked through the area: scattered debris, damaged trees, slight footprint indentations.. nothing seemed recent though. Leaping down onto an indent and trying to figure out the direction of the creature, Alice body flickered her way through the forest. Sure, the noise would probably alert the creature, but she had to find it anyway and the brief moments of invisibility would help in case of surprise attack.

Soon after, the creature loomed into view, apparently asleep in a clearing it made by itself. It was about two people tall, and was what appeared to be a brown snake with two powerful legs. Quietly stepping down from her vantage point, Alice cautiously approached the beast, gripping her blade tighter as she tapped it on the side with her finger. Waiting a while for a reaction, she smiled and gently leaped onto the creature's back, landing around the base of the neck. As soon as her feet landed, however, she was swept off them by the creature's tail, and then hit again as it raised its back swiftly, knocking the air out of her.

The snake tried to turn its head to attack, but Alice had fallen too close to it, so it opted for swatting at her with its tail. Deflecting one of the attacks with Tenki, Alice clambered into the recess at the base of the head before it could strike again. The creature snarled as she cut at its tail again, too clumsy trying to push her out with it, so instead tilted its head back, trying to crush her with its frill. Gritting her teeth, Alice sunk her blade into the back of its neck, then dashed out as it recoiled in pain. The snake turned its head around quickly despite the wound, so Alice couldn't quite get a chance to hide. Still, getting a grievous injury so soon was probably going to result in a victory, so she relaxed her stance a little.

Letting go of Tenki and swiftly pushing her hand through the hole above the hilt, Alice used this to hold the sword whilst making hand seals, spewing firebolts towards the snake. It was much faster than the bulky legs and stature let on, only getting singed along the rock-like carapace of the legs, which was brought up quickly to absolutely destroy the tree. Yelping and leaping off the falling branch, Alice fired off another volley of Phoenix Sage Fire, kicking off another tree. The creature snarled and fired a burst of water, easily removing the fire, but failed to notice Alice charging after the attack as a follow-up from a close angle, failing to twist its head with the neck-damage, receiving a fatal injury short afterwards.

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C-Rank - Monster Hunting
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