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 Hunting Grounds

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PostSubject: Hunting Grounds   Sat Apr 23, 2011 3:00 am

A flat area of earth where several animals often move through as the days go on. Shinobi often come here to hunt after monsters to feed their family or other struggling members of the village. Young Shinobi often come here to test their skills against the wild animals.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunting Grounds   Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:18 am


The insomnia was killing her. It really was. Medically speaking, the doctor told her that her lack of sleep had consequences -- a greater chance of illness, increased risk of heart attack. She doubted the latter if only because of her build, her profession. She was a leaf on the wind. A twig in the ground. Her eyes stung, blood vessels wrapping and choking the whites, making it bloodshot so she looked it: tired. Perched on a branch of the dead tree -- gnarly, dead, charred black from a misfired fire jutsu (she didn't do it) -- she leaned precariously forward, almost falling. She was so tired. She held fast, even though her grip was weak, she didn't think she could make it. She was so tired.

Hunger was more pressing. She hadn't eaten in a day, hadn't gone to the civilian food storage or the restaurant. They wouldn't help her. There was one time when the owner of one such establishment refused with an answer to her ribs, a punch -- then another, until her skin was bruised and she was coughing. Most people weren't that brand of rude, they were just the standard brand, ignored her. Even with her new name, enough people recognized that she wasn't theirs, wasn't of their people. She thought it was the hair and the slightest bit of an accent that gave her away, that betrayed her. Or, perhaps, it was a guilty look in her eye, a shrugging of the shoulders.

Currently, a rabbit ten feet below was her target, though it was proportionally as starved as she was and was feeding on some dry grass. It seemed that the country had entered a dry spell. Typically, moisture from the north seas swept down, encountering the mainland, whence the mountainous countries -- the Rock and Lightning -- would rip open the clouds on their peaks, would be bled upon by cloudstuff. Whatever moisture survived snaked into the Fire where, upon encountering the warmer air, tumbled from the sky. These countries, nourished on rain, starved Suna, made it a desert. Now, however, the rain and water belonging to Iwa was locked away as ice in the mountains and would not be available until a spring thaw.

Until then, everybody starved.

Amazora formed a few handsigns, steadied herself, and shot a jet of water at the hare, stunning it, though not for long. It tried to run, but its paws slipped frantically on the mud. In light of the display, guilt bubbled deep within the girl, a kind of pity. Nothing, however, stopped her from dropping from the tree and seizing the small thing while it was still down. It's beady eyes looked into her with the deepest brand of fear, cries catching in its throat as it thrashed; this time, it did get the better of her. Against her stomach's protest, she put the creature down, watching it scamper away. A fox from the forest, which she had failed to account for, darted from the treeline and caught the prey between two small jaws, making her charity completely pointless.

Her stomach growled. Dropping on her knees, she slumped to the ground slowly, her spine wilting. "I'll just rest for a bit," she mumbled aloud, to no one. Even if she wanted to, sleep wouldn't come easily...the strange dreams. Surreal. They didn't make sense, they were probably hunger dreams, but she was tired of having them. Most of all, she hated the cold, unblinking eyes she always saw in them. So she couldn't sleep.

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Hunting Grounds
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