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 D - Treasure Hunting

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PostSubject: D - Treasure Hunting   Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:19 pm


“Heheheh, we're going to find all sorts of treasure, I just know it!” the crazy old man stated, while hoisting his metal detector off his shoulders. “I hope you can handle that okay in your condition.”

“Um, yeah, I'll be fine...” Sonya said, trying to position the metal detector on her wheelchair in a way that would allow her to move it and search at the same time. “I just... might be going a little slow, that's all.”

“Well thanks for taking up this mission, little missy.” The old man laughed again and started sweeping the metal detector over the sand. “People think I'm crazy, but there's treasure out here, and I'm going to find it. Having an extra hand along makes it go even faster!”

Sonya gave the man a funny look, and tried not to comment on what she really thought. “Uh... yeah, I'm sure there is. There's... a lot of sand out there though.”

“And we're going to search it all!”

Of course, as one might expect, they found no treasure. In fact, the only thing they caught was a sunburn. The old man remained optimistic, though. He was so sure about there being treasure out there that he was going to try again tomorrow. Sonya wouldn't be taking that mission.
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D - Treasure Hunting
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