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 D-Rank - Tutoring

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PostSubject: D-Rank - Tutoring   D-Rank - Tutoring EmptySun Jul 31, 2011 8:12 am

Alice Takemori

"No, that's.. you are sure the hand seals are correct, right?" Alice stared at the jutsu scroll, and at the hands of the young shinobi in training. "Yes I'm sure, I studied.." "Mm.. show me again, slower this time.. and uuh, I think you got rat and serpent confused again.." Leaning back boredly and watching, Alice drummed her fingers on the chair. The kid made all the hand seals - they seemed right - but still nothing.

"Uhn.. I'm so not cut out for this.. how much were you taught about molding chakra? You've done the exercises where you focus on the leaf, right? You're not going to get anywhere without learning that and stuff." "It was kinda boring... though I kept doing it and all.." "Hahah, me too.. It's not enough just to have the leaf on your head and sit there, you actually need to concentrate and focus your chakra and everything, it's a big effort. Maybe you could set aside some extra time throughout the day to do the exercise? I mean, you wanna be strong, don't you?" Alice smiled, sighing a bit. It wasn't fun at all, but it was something you really had to do if you wanted to use jutsu - she could remember herself being bored that way. Well, she could imagine what it was like, boring things were so easy to forget. "How about you just do that for, say, a week or so, and if you still can't do jutsu you can ask your teacher again, right?" The student nodded, a little disappointed, and went off to go practice, or not. It didn't matter to Alice, truthfully, he would probably pick up on it sooner or later.

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D-Rank - Tutoring
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