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 A-Rank - Massacre a Town

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PostSubject: A-Rank - Massacre a Town   A-Rank - Massacre a Town EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 5:14 am

Mai Kaguya

Mai had approached the target location in less than twenty minutes, not exactly a record pace for her, but she had to conserve her energy. Despite the somewhat daunting size of around 100 people, it wasn't likely the number of trained shinobi would exceed 40 at most, and that was counting ones too weak to pose a threat. Tying her headband on and surveying the town from afar, she started folding some paper shruiken - a habit she picked up when she was concentrating on something. Tucking them away neatly, she leapt towards the village from the nearby cliff-face.

Neatly landing on what appeared to be the town hall, she leaned back against the dome-like structure. Her body went slightly limp as she snaked her arm towards the window, protruding a sharp bone from her finger. Delicately carving out a hole in the window and sliding inside, her contorted body clinging to the ceiling, she glanced down at the room. There didn't appear to be anybody who noticed her - was this really the extent of their training? Quietly pulling a bone from her shoulder and fashioning it into a sword, she took out her pre-made shruiken and kunai and hurled them towards what appeared to be their leader. Often, the leader was the strongest, so if she took him out, then they would be less organised and without their strongest ninja. With a bloodied scream, the sharp paper pierced vital organs, killing him quickly. Leaping down onto his desk and pulling a sword from her shoulder, she just made it in time to block an overhead slash from a katana.

The bodyguard followed up with an upward kick, but Mai easily bent backwards to avoid it, kicking back under his foot and flipping him into the air - from where he was quickly dispatched by kunai. The obvious conflict had alerted a few others, as three apparently strong ninja barged through the door. Flipping her bone-sword into reverse grip to parry an attack from her right, she expelled a large gale of wind from her mouth to deflect the oncoming steam of lightning. The third ninja had vanished, so Mai quickly struck the second sword-wielder's blade and deftly threw her own sword through his chest. As expected, a kunai was at her neck soon after, but the would-be killer was gored by Mai's Larch Dance. Gritting her teeth and snarling as some shruiken sunk into her right upper-arm, they were soon stopped by a shell of bone. Plucking them out and rushing the ninja, she panicked and started running but was finished off by a mixture of her own shruiken and finger bullets.

Looking down at the village from the two-story building, the various people appeared to have started to hide in their homes, with ninja on alert around them. Word certainly does get out fast in small communities. Procuring another bone-sword, Mai leapt down from the hall and cracked her neck, twirling the sword in her hand. Someone was shouting at the other ninja to stay by the houses - if they wanted to play defensively, that was fine with her. A blue-haired ninja approached slowly, an odd weapon in their hand. Mai had heard of bows before, being a taijutsu specialist, but had never experienced one. The concept of a ranged taijutsu was enticing, to say the least. Hers was already prepared to fire, so Mai quickly resurfaced her Larch Dance bone position, adding the Willow Dance this time. The enemy widened her eyes at the site, which Mai capitalised on by grinning and cracking her numerous joints.

Frowning and firing off arrows, Mai twirled her body elaborately, slashing the arrows from the air, a few cutting across her legs and hips. Elaborate displays of taijutsu may not be as effective as more simple motions, but they certainly served to intimidate well. The enemy seemed to be standing her ground, though. Leaping upwards as the enemy did some one-handed signs, an impressive feat to say the least, Mai narrowly dodged a large fireball. Landing quickly and dashing, she sent her palm thrusting forward in Willow Dance fashion. Grazing her enemy's shoulder, she quickly rotated the other way and attempted to hit her with the bones from her right shoulder. The other ninja - at least chuunin, more likely a fellow special jonin - avoided the brunt of the attack, only being cut across the belly and the shoulder, the latter a rather deep cut.

The enemy leapt backwards and shot another arrow, which Mai managed to catch as she licked the blood from her bones. Keeping up a fearful presence was very important, it prevented the opponent from thinking properly, and occasionally forced them to retreat prematurely. Snapping the arrow coldly, Mai shot some finger bullets at the target. Letting out a pained scream as they were caught off guard, the enemy started breathing a continual shield of fire as they prepared themselves for the rest of the fight. Mai pulled a sword from her shoulder again and hurled it at the shield, but another of the nearby ninja quickly threw themselves in front of it, still clinging to life. Her face saddening slightly at the site, Mai drew another sword and flicked it quickly, killing him instantly. It was cold, but he would feel better in the pure world.

The enemy was obviously upset by the carnage wrought so far, but shot some arrows and followed up with hand signs. Lightly tilting from side to side to avoid them easily, Mai tried to move forward quickly as she noticed the exploding tags, but was too late. Growling and looking at her opponent, her bones still burning, Mai fired off finger-bullets rapidly - quickly engulfed by her enemy's grand fireball. Adjusting her skeletal structure to a more comfortable state with her fiery bones, Mai brought out the Camelia Flower - a massive cone around her right arm, and placed her other hand on it, bracing herself. The katon was powerful, but Mai held her ground, panting from the pain and the heat. Letting the flower crumble and burn on the ground, Mai also forced her other burning parts to fall off, regrowing them quickly. Her enemy seemed to be tiring, and was bleeding rather a lot.

Taking a deep breath and rushing forward, Mai spun two bone swords in her hands. Her enemy dropped to her knees and gave one last sorrowful look as she dropped her bow and performed hand-signs faster than the eye could see. Mai sliced both swords across the girl's neck, killing her, and the katon she was preparing burst out awkwardly from the bleeding area. Hurriedly retracting bones from one arm and patting her hair, Mai shut the girl's eyes respectfully and apologised, smiling weakly. She only hoped that this girl would be at peace in the afterlife. Adjusting her bones to a more suitable stance, she dashed towards the nearest house. She had dealt a crippling blow to them, enough to cause them enough fear not to attack again, but those weren't the orders..

Panting a little, Mai retracted her scarlet, dripping bones. None of the other ninja had even put up much of a fight, there were only a couple of near-damage experiences and a few scratches. Frowning and drawing up some of the last of her chakra, a white, hard flower procured from her hand. Drawing it out slowly, a bone-stem coming with it, she gently flicked it in front of the town hall, and leapt into the night.

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A-Rank - Massacre a Town
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