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 C-Rank - Sabotage

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PostSubject: C-Rank - Sabotage   C-Rank - Sabotage EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 3:12 am

Alice Takemori

The factory was hidden well, disguised as a large cliff-face. Then again, it was an admittedly noticeable cliff-face, but not as a factory at least. Possibly by hiding in plain sight, it was easier to hide? It didn't matter. Sensor-nin had already located the factory, so all Alice had to do was wreck stuff. Since there were a few supervising shinobi, there would probably still be danger if complications arose, despite the majority being civilians. Regardless, there were civilians, so that meant the entrance was easy to access...

There wasn't any security at the front door, thankfully, perhaps they were short-staffed? Making sure her temporary outfit was properly stealthy, Alice nearly ran through the facility, keeping to what appeared to be less-used passages, and made her way gradually deeper inside, quickly reaching the main production line. Alice got into a discrete, comfortable position up in the ceiling area and surveyed the process for a moment. Just in case someone noticed her there'd be time to let the alert die down, plus it let her get an idea of how they were working.

Some time later, Alice crawled a bit deeper into the wall to adjust her bones, sighing in relief. She had been able to understand most of the process they were using, and also managed to get in a nap before any fighting. It was probably a bit risky, but who cares, right? They appeared to be switching shifts right now, the workers were heading away to their living areas, and the supervisors were going over paperwork. Dropping down silently and out of view, Alice ducked under the production line, going as fast as she could to a later point.

It could have been that they were overly sure that they wouldn't be discovered, or they just didn't deem themselves important enough, but there were nearly no people on Alice's way from production to storage, and the few she did meet were workers who ignored her. Alice would have looked around to check for people before entering, but then if someone was watching it would be suspicious, so she just walked in like nothing. Inside, there were many columns of explosive tags in boxes. Searching around through them for the longest delay tags, Alice piled a bunch of them in the middle of the room, then carefully lit the tip of one with concentrated katon, similar to how one would discern their chakra nature.

It was more than a little suspicious that one of the workers was bolting out of the factory at breakneck speeds, but Alice could obviously afford to just ignore all the questions thrown her way. At least, until the supervisors showed up and started ranting at her. Blah blah go work, blah blah no leaving, blah blah blah. Taking no care whatsoever, Alice kicked one across the face and sliced into the back of the other in one spinning motion, then kicked the first one away, using the impact to backflip off and start running. Even if they weren't completely taken by surprise and wounded, she would still probably be faster as she easily managed to escape. It wasn't that she was blindingly fast so much as the explosion wasn't quite the epic action movie sequence type, even though she still managed to take out a large portion of the factory.

Condition: Shaken
Stamina: 1 • Speed: 3 • Strength: 2 • Intelligence: 1 • Chakra Control: 1
Ninjutsu: 2 • Taijutsu: 2 • Genjutsu: 1
AP: 0/10
TP: 0

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C-Rank - Sabotage
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