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 D - Hire, retrieve my things.

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D - Hire, retrieve my things. Empty
PostSubject: D - Hire, retrieve my things.   D - Hire, retrieve my things. EmptyTue Aug 30, 2011 9:51 pm

Hiretsuna Nōmin

Akio payed the Noodle shop owner as he and Hiretsuna finished their meals. The shop owner could be heard in the background, "Wow business is going great today!"

Akio looked at Hire, who currently had her bandages off and had let her hair hang freely. "She seems okay", Akio thought to himself. "She's young, pretty, and she's improving as a shinobi every single day". Akio thought back as to the day that he came across her. "We weren't even supposed to be partoling that area at the time", Akio whispered to himself.

"Did you say something, Sensei?", Hiretsuna asked. She appearently had heard Akio "thinking out loud".

Akio thought for a moment, and then he preceded to ask his student something he hoped she was ready for. "Hire, how would you... like to go on a mission?"

Hiretsuna couldn't believe it. She was wondering if her Sensei would ever assign such a task to her, "You mean like now?! Ofcourse I would, Akio-Sensei!"

"Well then, I'll give you one. Meet me outside the village at our usual training spot in about an hour or so. But first, I need you to pick something up for me. Go back to the Adminastration building and pick up a package for me, will ya? Thanks. Just ask Mio to help you if you have any questions", and with that he left. He just flickered out of sight.

Hiretsuna got up and re-wrapped her bandages and tied her hair. "Right", she said. "Go back to the Adminastration building and pick up Sensei's things, easy!" Then, in the blink of eye, a fully motivated -and now fully fed- Hiretsuna flickered from the front of the noodle shop to a more practical path to the Admin. buliding. She then procceded to head for said building, while sticking to the shadows. She still hadn't fully adapted to the village, yet. It was so...different. Back with her former comrades, they hardly ever made trips to town, God forbid they roam around it. Even back when she lived with her parents, her father -with the excepetion of the few times he brought Hire along- was usually the only person to come here.

Hiretsuna began to approach her destination. She made her way inside where she saw the receptionist from earlier, sitting down at her desk going through some files. She noticed Hire and gave a look a confusion.

"I'm sorry, but aren't you the girl that accompanied Akio earlier? " The lady asked.

Hire bowed to her elder than answered politley, "Why yes I am, and well that was actually what I came here for. My Sensei said that there should be a package in his inbox and he had sent me to pick it up for him.

"I see", the lady said, still a little confused. Akio had gone quiet for weeks and then pops up randomly. Then, he sends a student pick up his mail, which he hardly ever has in the first place. Come to think of it, Mio doesn't seem to recall any packages delievered for Akio, it was a slow day today. "Actually, I don't think he has any - Oh wait!", Mio came across Akio's inbox which, to her surprise, had a rather random scroll just sitting there. "Hmm, I guess there is something afterall," She remarked as she placed the scroll in Hire's hand. Hire took the scroll and put it away.

Hiretsuna bowed her head, "Thank you very much", she said as she turned around headed for the rendevous point with her Sensei. A scroll? What was it for?

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D - Hire, retrieve my things.
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