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 D - Retrieve the Kids

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PostSubject: D - Retrieve the Kids   Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:53 pm


Well, she couldn't say she blamed the woman for hiring shinobi help in retrieving her son and his friends. According to what she'd heard, these boys had been causing quite a ruckus recently, and they never came when called. Instead, they'd just run away and go cause more mischief. That's where Sonya came in. It was her duty to not only locate the boys, but take them in, as well. The woman who had hired her seemed very appreciative that Sonya was helping. “Nightmare children” was what she had referred to them as.

Even though still in a wheelchair, Sonya was pretty confident in her ability to track down a few kids. They had never dealt with the likes of her before. The whole cripple thing would throw them off, they'd try to run, and then before they knew what had hit them, they'd be begging not o be grounded for a month.

“Ha ha! Look at the girl in the wheelchair!” one of the boys said, when Sonya finally caught up to them.

The second boy snickered. “She actually thinks she's going to get us to go home and be good!”

“You'll never catch us!” the third boy stated, starting to run away.

They never knew what had hit them. Genjutsu can be a scary thing for someone who doesn't know how to deal with it, especially children. Within seconds, Sonya had them lassoed together, tied to the back of her wheelchair, and dragging through the said as she pushed herself back to the awaiting mother. She whistled the entire way back.

“Silly dog,” she said.
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D - Retrieve the Kids
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