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 find the dog

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PostSubject: find the dog   find the dog EmptyMon Jul 18, 2011 3:24 pm


Haru came walking from the woman who he just got his mission information from. I guess they chose me to complete this mission because of my byakugan. So i guess I better get started now. SHe said the dog had a brown coat with black dots on him. Haru did hand signs and his byakugan appeared from his eyes. Now this makes it much easier. Haru went hopping from tree to tree searching for the dog. "I hope the dog is not aggressive because i really do not feel like getting bit. Haru saw asmall animal running with a collar on him. That could be the dog that I am looking for. Okay im going to have to be very quiet if im going to get him. Haru jumped down from the branch and jumped on the dogs back and picked it up. " gotcha now to take you back to your owner. " man this dog won't stay still. The dog kept on trying to get out of Haru's grip and then bit him and jumped out of his arms. Ouch hey get back here" Haru went running after the dog okay i'm not playing anymore" Haru dashed after the dog and grabbed him "now you are coming with me. Haru arrived at the clients house here is your dog mission complete
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find the dog
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