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 D - Find the Lost Kid

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PostSubject: D - Find the Lost Kid   Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:34 pm


Now, where could that little rascal have disappeared to? His mother said that they had been around the shopping district, but so far there was no sign of him. She had his picture, so she knew what he looked like, that wasn't the problem. The problem was the sheer amount of people in the shopping district. You could really get lost out here... it was a wonder that more kids didn't get separated for their parents when shopping. Maybe they were kept on a leash or something?

Anyway, back to the search! Things weren't exactly getting much better... but at least the crowds were starting to thin out. That made picking people out a little easier. Still, all kids that she saw were already with adults. Hmm... it was about this time that Sonya realized she was one person, and she was in a wheelchair. So.... Shadow Clones to the rescue! Within seconds, she had ten copies of herself running around the streets.

She was glad she decided to take that course of action, because within about five minutes, one of her clones came walking up, holding the kid by the hand. He was sobbing, asking for his mommy. Well, mission accomplished! And time to get this little guy back to his mother.
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D - Find the Lost Kid
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