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 Hogaku Tret's Equipment

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PostSubject: Hogaku Tret's Equipment   Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:26 pm

Name - Hayabusa Suit
Rank - B
Type - Shinobi Suit
Size - Large
Owner - Hogaku Tret
Description - The Hayabusa Suit is able to increase the users defence since it has solid plate throughout the entire suit that protects the user from mild damage. The gloves of the suit have razor sharp claws which help by slice through flesh when ever he makes contact with his attacks. The visor on the suit is red and give him the ability to see in more darker area at which it would normal give others poor visibility. It cannot help see in pitch black area however. When the suit is damaged, the user is able to repair the damage be adding his own chakra to the suit.

Name - Tamamayu
Rank - A
Type - Wire Glove
Size - Small
Owner - Hogaku Tret
Description - In it's dorment form this glove simply looks like an oversized bracelet. When chakra is channeled into the bracelet it turns into a glove made completely out of wire. Tret is able to control these wires with his chakra and is even able to put his chakra element into the wire to use certain attacks. These wires are about 50 feet long and Tret is able to control where ever these wires go. Tret is able to form any basic weapon with these wires and also able to form things such as spikes and shields even have the weapon form a dome around himself as a form of defense. Anything that the imagination can think of this glove can make. The glove isn't able to make complex weapons like shuriken or any projectile weapon.These wires cant go anywhere that Tret cant see.

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Hogaku Tret's Equipment
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