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 C - Guard duty

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C - Guard duty Empty
PostSubject: C - Guard duty   C - Guard duty EmptyTue Aug 30, 2011 10:01 pm

Hiretsuna Nōmin

Hiretsuna examined the documents and then analyzed the matter at hand. She could take care of this, no problem. She had first hand experiance with petty crimes and what not, so this shouldn't be too hard to handle. She accepted the mission and then headed to the market distict where everything had been occuring. She had decided to do this one alone because Akio-Sensei was busy arranging a meeting or something. He wouldn't tell her what it was about, but it was all very official, that was for sure.

She arrived at the shop of the owner who had filed for the mission. He was an older gentleman who was about quite a few inches shorter than Hiretsuna -who wasn't very tall in the first place-. "So they sent me a genin, huh? Well I guess you'll just have to do then, won't you?", he seemed a little on a edge. Which was understandable considering this string of thefts had been going on for days now.

Hiretsuna bowed to her elder. "Yes sir, I am here to assist you with catching the theif."

He examined her. "Hmph, alright then. Listen up", the man instructed. "The guy you're looking for is young fellow, a little older than yourself. He has short brown hair and he is about average height."

Hiretsuna thought for a moment, well that could be anyone. "Is there anything you could tell me about this man, Sir?", she asked.

The man, who had seemed annoyed by such a question, irritatedly responded, "Yeah, he had 2 eyes and nose. You don't think that if something was out of the ordinary with this guy, I would've told you already?!", the man barked. "Hmm, but now that you mention it. He might've had a scar on his face. I think it was on on the left side somewhere."

Well that was more helpful. "Alright, Sir. I shall begin my investigation now", she said as she left the shop.

"Please just catch the rotten thief", the man said as she left.

Hiretsuna began examining the alley ways. She had to know any and all possible routes this guy could take. She found one that seemed truly ideal for an escape. In fact, she had used this alley to travel through town undetected, herself. It was also good distance away from the market district. "This is it", she said to herself. She then proceeded to create a water clone. "Alright, I can't use you too much, but you'll come in handy", she said as she stratigically gave her clone orders as to where to hide. With everything in order, she began to wait for the culprit.

Some time had passed, but there was still no sign of this man. Hiretsuna was beginning to wonder if maybe she had missed him or if he was even going to show. Just then a man yelled, "My money! Thief!"

Hire looked and a man pointing a at something. In the direction he was pointing, the was a figure moving at a pretty quick speed. "Gotcha'", Hire exclaimed, and took off in pursuit of the man, however, this was a quick one. She could barely keep up, but she was relentless. They approached the alleyway that Hire had been earlier. "Perfect", she said to herself.

The thief made a turn into the alley, just like Hire had hoped for. The thief made his way down the alley, he thought he was home-free. Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him blocking his path. As he began approaching the figure, he took a closer look at it, still running. "What the hell? Is that the- ", Suddenly the figure -who had revealed itself as Hire's clone- delivered a roundhouse kick to the thief knocking him down. He looked up and saw two Hiretsunas looking down on him. "I'm seeing double", he said before losing consciousness.

Hire smiled and apprehended the man. "You're under arrest", she said happily.

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C - Guard duty
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