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 D-Rank - Desk work

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D-Rank - Desk work Empty
PostSubject: D-Rank - Desk work   D-Rank - Desk work EmptyMon Aug 01, 2011 3:22 am

Alice Takemori

Alice stretched, shivering. Writing out paperwork was boring, and she had drank way too much coffee for her age and excitability. Grabbing the next piece of paper and staring at it with big, shaky eyes, she scrawled out the form and flicked it in the direction of some random secretary, he'd probably figure out where it went eventually. One of the other people placed another stack of work on her desk, which she glared at as if it would make it go away. It didn't.

A couple hours into the work, Alice's vision was starting to return to less woozy, even though her headache was still around. Even in spite of her improvements, she still took the time to growl at the jonin who took away the coffee-maker. It was a little unwarranted, but then again so was his absurd haircut. It made her wish that she still couldn't see properly. Alice yawned and stretched again, pulling out some food and gnawing at it distractedly. Work was just as boring as it was forever ago, and she was definitely not keeping up with the influx of work...

Eventually, someone discovered her asleep under her desk, and escorted her from the premises kindly. Alice probably wasn't going to be getting any more office jobs soon..

Mood: Sleepy
Condition: Healthy
Stamina: 1 • Speed: 3 • Strength: 2 • Intelligence: 1 • Chakra Control: 1
Ninjutsu: 2 • Taijutsu: 2 • Genjutsu: 1
AP: 0/10
TP: 0

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D-Rank - Desk work
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