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 Catch the bandit C

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Catch the bandit C Empty
PostSubject: Catch the bandit C   Catch the bandit C EmptyThu Jul 28, 2011 3:51 pm


Nuri and Saruno were right on the trail of the thief with the bandits belongings stuffed into her pockets." The man looks to be about two hundred meters infront of us and traveling". Should we wait unitl he stops moving to attack our should we attack know and not give him the chance of geting any further. Nuri glanced at Saruni and relized who would never want to wait and use his head and battle so she just decided to keep on the tail. Nuri stoped suddenly picking up something." There seems the scent is dividing it self into only meaning their is more than one. You take the route to the left and I will be taking the other way on the right. The two split off with Nuri finding her target kicking him to the ground realizing his wasn't the one." Good luck Saruno".
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Catch the bandit C
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