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 Deliver the package C

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PostSubject: Deliver the package C   Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:40 pm


Nuri took the package from the building with Saruno right behind her. It was going to be a long annoying day. They were going to deliver a package to territory out of the village a long walk." Well we better take our time so that we don't get assigned to anymore package duties. The group finally made it out of the village waving to the village guards." Man I hope the house were deliver were to is in plain site, I hate having to go into hidden territory, having to explain your self to the owner and all other stuff." The group finally reached the house which was a hidden entrance offcouse." Man that was a walk, it looks like half of the day is gone.
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PostSubject: Re: Deliver the package C   Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:55 pm

Saruno Satoshi

wow that is a very big house Saruno thought. hm i wonder what could be in the package. and also who we are delivering this to. And nuri is right that was a very long walk. i can't wait to hurry and get this mission over with. Man this package is kind of heavy my arms are getting kind of tired. Well i do not really care this mission is still better then our past missions like watering stupid plants and also cleaning gutters. Saruno said out loud to nuri "honestly i think these missions are pointless i mean watering plants and cleaning gutters i mean that not a mission for a ninja. I would like to do something like taking down a assasin or something exiting like that. As he was saying that to nuri he noticed she was not even listening to a word he was saying she was just walking not even paying attention to him. "hey nuri you wern't even listening to anything i said"Saruno just turned arounf the other way hm fine just ignore me then. Then as both saruno and nuri arrived at the old house were there suppose to be delivering the odd package. "hey nuri before we go in how about we look inside the package to see what it is. No never mind its a mission were not suppose to look lets just go inside now. Saruno saw a old man "hey there is this package for you. the man said"hey finally its here thank you youngsters. "your welcome well come on nuri lets get home

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Deliver the package C
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