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 get the food back

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get the food back Empty
PostSubject: get the food back   get the food back EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 2:56 pm

Saruno Satoshi

Saruno walked up to the person who assigned him this mission."so let me get this straight a group of bandits stole a lot of your food and i have to break into there warehouse and steal the food back unharmed. "yes that is more then correct please bring all the food back it cost me so most. "don't worry i will get your food back perfectly safe" "Well now i think i should be making my way over to the warehouse. Saruno unfolded the map to show him the direction of the bandit warehouse. Saruno started walking so i guess i should be walking this way. "this breeze feels amazing i love walking in this weather it always makes me feel relaxed. Well before i go i should get something good to eat maybe some ramen. "when Saruno bought his ramen his eyes lit up and he ate the ramen fast. "Now i should really get going. Saruno made his way into the forest"so i need to go northeast of here. There was 2 bandits standing in between 2 trees. Saruno went hiding "why would they be ahead of the warehouse by it seems 35 feet. they must be defending. Saruno came in front of the two bandits. "hey who are you kidand what are you doing here. he's a leaf village ninja lets get him. they both came after Saruno. But Saruno just stood there and two shadow clones came and kicked both of them in the jaw. HA you fools when i was hiding in the bushes i made shadow clones hiding i the trees. NOw to get to that warehouse. N=But when Saruno left he din't here one of the bandits on the ground contact the warehouse telling them he was coming. Saruno saw the old warehouse and approached it. Okay before i go in i better leave a shadow clone here just in case they try to escape. As Saruno went in about 5 knifes came at Saruno. Saruno saw them coming and hit them all away with his kunai. Okay this isn't good its almost as if they knew i was coming. Then Saruno thought "those bandits from before probably warned them thats what they were there for darn i fell for it. but i guess its no turning back now. Saruno saw the food he was after closed in a case. Saruno returned back to the village and returned the food "now my mission is over.

so this is where there keeping it. But before Saruno could break the case and get the food about 5 bandits sourounded him. "your not taking our food anywhere." o well just see about that. it looks like its time for me to get serious. As the bandits came after Saruno he got ready. They all came at the same time at the same place and Saruno yelled "leaf whirlwind" and all of the bandits went flying threw the building then running away saying"he's to strong just go and take the food but don't hurt us. Saruno took the food "now that that's over i can finally return to the village and also return the food to the client

Condition: healthy
Stamina: 2 • Speed: 3 • Strength: 1 • Intelligence: 1 • Chakra Control: 2
Ninjutsu: 3 • Taijutsu: 1 • Genjutsu: 0
AP: 10/10
TP: 2672

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get the food back
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