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 deliver important information

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PostSubject: deliver important information   deliver important information EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 11:46 pm

Saruno got the packet from the lady at the desk. the packet was to be delivered to the anbu black ops asap without any damage. "man i wonder what could be in the packet probably something important. hmm i wonder if it could be about the world being at stake. noo that's to much then it would be more then a C rank mission. But still i wonder why the lady told me not to look in. Man its not fair at all i want to look to see so bad well forget it i better just get the mission going now. As Saruno was walking he saw academy students."wow that brings back great memories in the academy. i kind of miss it but being a full fledged ninja is way better. As Saruno was walking threw the forest a odd man on the streets came walking up to Saruno saying. "hey kid mind letting me take a look of whats in that packet. Saruno looked at him in confusion saying to himself"now why would a mysterious man just come up to me and ask to look in it what is he thinking? "umm sorry but no its for a mission and i can't even look in it. The man said"aw i really wanted to see its to bad" but in the middle of the sentence the man stole the box away from Saruno and started running away. "hey get back here now" Saruno said in anger thats important" "fine then know messing around shadow clone justu and a shadow clone appeared. both Saruno and his clone sourrounded the man. "if you step any closer i'll destroy what in the packet so stay back. Saruno got angry then calmed down and said"just remember your training stay calm and cool. Saruno then used tranformation tecknique and turned into the hokage and got the man confused."give back the box now and thats a order. the man came in great fear giving the box back"im sorry for the misundestanding lord hokage and then ran away in fear. Then when Saruno transformed back he said"wow that just shows how much respect the hokage has from all his people. even though he was a fool and couldn't even see through deception.

But now that he is out of the way i can now contunue with the mission. As Saruno was walking he couldn't help just thinking about what could be in thaty box."oh man i want to look so badly but i can't and if i do i would be breaking my ninja way. As Saruno look closer to the packet he smelled great food. "Wow i wonder what that smell can be it smells so good. Saruno was just smelling all over well nevermind that now i need to complete this mission first. Finally Saruno arrived at the anbu base well im finally here. the anbu leader came to the door and yelled "hey guys the packet is finally here" and all the anbu gathered cheering because it arrived. Saruno asked"um sir is it okay if i can see whats in the packet. the anbu said with a confused look"sure why not. As the anbu was opening the packet it olamost went in slow motion for saruno as his heart was racing "what could it be what could it be. As he opened the packet it was just food. "hey whats the big deal i thought it was an important packet."it is important we were starving over here. Saruno was very angry you mean i was that exited for nothing. That was the food i smelled earlier. well i guess i can say mission accomplished
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deliver important information
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