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 Seven Blades of the Demon

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PostSubject: Seven Blades of the Demon   Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:12 am

Name - Seven Blades of the Demon
Rank - B
Type - Katana
Size - Medium
Owner - Miyako Akiyama
Description - A set of seven katana blades made from a special chakra sensing metal. These weapons have been infused with her chakra signature, making them only able to be wielded by her. To anyone without her chakra signature, the swords weigh a literal ton. To her, however, the swords feel like they weight as light as a feather (still counts as a medium in her inventory though, like other katana). This prevents others from trying to use one of her own swords against her while setting up for Sebunsōdo no Āto, and prevents them from being knocked away while juggling them. Also, any other metal object that touches the blades will cause it to acquire a similar weight gain for a brief period (two posts), making it unable to be lifted except by those with 5 strength, and even then it will be heavy and rather unwieldy.
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Seven Blades of the Demon
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