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 To Kill Greed (S Rank)

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Special Jounin

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PostSubject: To Kill Greed (S Rank)   Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:11 pm

Fushigawa Noroi

"Noroi, you sick bastard... To think that you'd go this far just to accumulate more power... You disgust me..."

The jounin commander stood there in the Iwagakure wilderness, his eyes gracefully closed as he heard yet another condescending voice address him. Another gnat drawn to a delicious corpse; he sighed, he would never be free of people's suspicion so long as he remained as high as he was in social status. Such was the consequence of his work, "I'm afraid I do not understand what you mean, Hotaru-san." An angered hiss could be heard from the elderly jounin, "You know exactly what I mean, Noroi-sama. The body of one of the Daimyo's servants was found in the inner-most parts of the woods, and all the evidence points toward you!" At this, the jounin commander was forced to turn around, "Me? What type of evidence would that be, Hotaru-san? The fact that you were out of the village for the past two weeks? Or the common knowledge of your hatred of the Earth Daimyo? Or could it be your broad speeches on how the Earth Country would be better ruled by shinobi than by some aristocratic entrepreneur? No, my friend, the evidence all points towards you. You see, I've been watching you, old man, and it would only take one word from me to end you."

The old man scoffed, "What exactly do you want?"

"You know me all too well, Hotaru. The Daimyo is currently on his way to collect an enormous sum of taxes from our poor suffering village, a blow that we simply cannot take. To make matters worse, I do not have the authorization to assassinate or kidnap him. So, I have to make do, and deter his path with some... unforeseen circumstances." The old man grunted, "Are you suggesting a natural disaster? You and the Tsuchikage already killed the Hibagon of the North. There's literally nothing else that the Daimyo would not suspect as shinobi activity. How do plan to engineer that?"

The jounin commander rose a single finger and smiled, "Impossible is nothing, Hotaru, you should already know that."

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To Kill Greed (S Rank)
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