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 deliver the goods

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Haru walked over tot he woman who was supposed to give him the goods to deliver . the woman said"why thank you and please make sure these important goods get delivered safetly. "don't worry you can count on me. Haru went on his way out into the forest. It says on the map the old house where i'm supposed to deliver these goods is about 2 hours away what a long walk. Haru had a dissipointed look on his face. "I din't think it would take this long to get there. As Haru was walking threw the forest 3 wild bears came sourrounding and growling at him. "oh no this is bad they must smell the food in here. well i guess i have to take care of them then. the bears came jumping at Haru. Haru just stood there and waited for them to come and in a blink of an eye the 3 bears were running away. well now that that is taken care of i can get back on my way to delivering these good and it looks like nothing was damaged. haru went walking for about another 30 minutes. "i think i should rest up right now and get something to eat. Haru sat down and took out some ramen to snack on.after haru was finished he got back up "man this is a really long walk i hope i'm almost there now. Wow im getting really tired now i think i shoulde take a quick nap. After 20 minutes Haru woke up noticing the good wern't there anymore. "oh no! while i was sleep someone stole the good. this is bad this is really bad. but they couldn't have gotten to far now. Haru yelled out "byakugan now to find the creeps who stole the goods. Haru looked from left to right looking for anything and he saw the goods. but they were being carried by a mysterious person."looks like i found you and he is 20 degrees north west. Haru went running after the bandit and finally caught up with him. "hey you hand over the goods right now i don't want to hurt you. the bandit said"like i'm scared of some kid bring it on. the man came running towards Haru attacking. As he came haru strengthend the byakugan and hit 3 of his chakra points. the man fell. "i told you i din't want to use force. Haru took out some oitment out of the bag and gave it to the bandit. "here take this it will heal you" the bandit said why would you help me after i tried taking your food. "because you don't look like the stealing type. I could tell you were just starving so take this apple to. As Haru left the man yelled thank you. "finally i'm almost there to the womans house. Haru finally saw the house and ran to it knocking on the door. As the lady came Haru said "hello i'm Haru Hyuuga and i'm here to deliver these goods to you. "why thank you young man how nice of you. Haru said "just doing my job no problem saying to himself finally this mission is over it took forever" as he sighted and yelled this mission is over
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deliver the goods
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