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 catch that thief

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PostSubject: catch that thief   catch that thief EmptyMon Jul 18, 2011 6:05 pm


Haru was walking to where the people believed the thief will strike next. It was a jewlry stone with precious diamonds. "Wow so this is where the thief is supposed to come after next. This store really has some great rare gems and diamonds I better make sure i catch this thief. A old man came up to Haru and said " I beg you to stop this thief I have so many rare gems if they get stolen then my store is going out of buissness. "don't worry sir I will do everything i can do stop this thief. the man said"im glad to here that it seems that the thief only strikes at night and its only 4:00 right now so you have time to rest first. After Haru got his rest it had been 6 hours he had been waiting. "well its now 10:00pm. this thief should be coming soon. Know wonder the thief chooses to come at night its pitch black out here. I guess this would be a good time to use the byakugan. Haru did hand signs and the byakugan eye appeared. Now to look" Haru saw a man running really low with him holding a bag. "well it looks like we got our guy. Haru felt it got suddenly cold and the wind started blowing fiercly. It looks like the thief is trying to sneak through the window of the store. well not if I can help it. As the thief hopped in the store from the window Haru was there to meet him. the thief said. "who who who are you sounding like he was in great fear as he stated trembling. The thief threw a smoke bomb in the face of Haru to get away. " no i cannot let him get away. Haru just laughed you must not know about the byakugan do you. the Thief got even more scared then before and yelled "what are you. But before Haru could capture him he jumped out the window.

"Well he got away but it doesn't seem like all of the troubles are over only if I could have captured him. And it seems that its only 11:00pm. there is still plenty of time for the thief to strike once again and when he does i'll be ready for him and make sure that i capture him and don't let him get away. It was about an hour later and Haru heard noises. And went to go inspect it. It was that same thief and 2 others. they said "hey there is that punk who came after me last time before we get the stuff well take care of him. the three came after Haru and haru said "you fools" and his byakugan appeared and as all of them came after him It was easy for Haru with his byakugan to defeat them Haru hit all of the in there chakra points. "Now that that's taken care of i can tie them up and turn them in. As Haru tied them up the old man came and said. "you did it you saved my precious jewlry thank you so much. Haru said no problem i guess his is a mission complete
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catch that thief
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