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 D - Plan a Party

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D - Plan a Party Empty
PostSubject: D - Plan a Party   D - Plan a Party EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 1:41 pm


Party planning. Sonya couldn't say she'd ever had experience with this before, but it was something she was willing to try. The goal was to create something special for the client's friend's twentieth marriage anniversary. So, obviously they had to plan something great. It was supposed to be a surprise party, too, so they had to keep it a secret from the friend at all costs. That was the most important part, because if they let something slip, then the whole thing would be ruined.

So, there they were, Sonya, the client, and her other friends all sitting around a living room and trying to determine what the best place to have the party would be. Sonya gave advice, based on her experience around the village. She knew all types of places, from restaurants, to clubs, and everything in between. She knew what places could best accommodate a large party, and she knew what foods were the best kinds of party foods. How did she know all this? Well, she just did, and that was that.

Five hours. It took five whole hours to finally come up with a decent plan, but it was absolutely perfect. This would be the greatest surprise party ever.
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D - Plan a Party
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