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 D - Repair Wall

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D - Repair Wall Empty
PostSubject: D - Repair Wall   D - Repair Wall EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 1:40 pm


Sonya couldn't say she was too fond of construction missions, but she did what she had to. Sitting there in her chair, waiting for the man who she was working with to come back from getting supplies. The wall in front of her was pretty heavily damaged. The last storm that came through must have been really powerful to do this... either that or the guy was lying about what caused the damage and he had done something else to it... possibly something illegal.

When the guy returned with all the supplies, Sonya made several shadow clones to help out. This guy was a bit creepy, so she didn't want to take much longer than she had to. If she used shadow clones, they could be done with the job in no time. She tried to talk as little as possible, but the man seemed to like to chat a lot. At the very least, she tried to keep her answers as terse as possible, but it still felt odd. There was something about this guy she couldn't figure out, and it was very... creepy.

Oh well, before long the work was done, and Sonya high tailed it out of there.
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D - Repair Wall
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