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 D - Care for the Dog

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D - Care for the Dog Empty
PostSubject: D - Care for the Dog   D - Care for the Dog EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 1:38 pm


Well, this job wasn't so bad, she thought. In fact, it was kind of fun. She normally didn't like dogs that much, but this one was very well behaved. It didn't bark incessantly, it didn't go to the bathroom anywhere and everywhere, and it didn't seem to want to attack her, either. In fact, it was very affectionate. And those big, round eyes that it stared at her with... damn thing looked so cute.

Sonya's job was to feed the dog, and walk it while its owners were away. They would be back in a few days, but until then, she had to take care of their pet. As already stated, if this had been like most other dogs she'd ever met, the job would have been an absolute nightmare. But, this dog was almost as well behaved as most cats she knew, and that made things much easier. She might even say she liked this dog by the end of the mission.

“Come and get it!” she said, calling the dog for her dinner. The dog bowl was overflowing with crunchy treats.

The big oaf came bounding around the corner and skidding to a halt at her feet, only to then start attacking his food bowl. He was so adorable.
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D - Care for the Dog
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