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 D - Fill in the Pool

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D - Fill in the Pool Empty
PostSubject: D - Fill in the Pool   D - Fill in the Pool EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 1:37 pm


One would think that this place had someone there to do the job for them. Emptying, cleaning, and refilling a public swimming pool? That didn't seem like something you'd hire a shinobi for. Then again, none of these jobs were what you really hired a shinobi for. D-rank missions really rather tended to be grunt work that other people were too lazy to do themselves.

Sonya let out a sigh, while waiting for the pool to drain. It was pretty green and slimy inside, which meant it needed a good scrub down. She already had a plan for that, though. Ten clones sat by at the ready with a whole load of cleaning supplies. This pool would be spotless when they were done with it. She, of course, still in the wheelchair, would just be waiting until they finished, so that she could turn on the hose and fill the thing back up. At least this job was pretty easy, in that sense. Well, not easy for her clones, but easy for her, and that's all that mattered. It took several hours to fully clean the pool, but once her clones were finished, she turned the water on and sat poolside, waiting for the water to reach the top.
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D - Fill in the Pool
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