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 D - Bug Infestation

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D - Bug Infestation Empty
PostSubject: D - Bug Infestation   D - Bug Infestation EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 1:35 pm


Cockroaches. Oh, how she hated cockroaches. How anyone let their store become this infested was beyond her. Every time she turned on the lights in a room, a whole swarm of them scattered. It made her skin crawl. Naturally, it was her job to get rid of them all, too. Well, she certainly wasn't going to make this any harder than it needed to be. She already came equipped with some extra special strength shinobi bug bombs. These would have this place bug free in no time.

She started by setting up several bug bombs in each room, setting them all to go off at the same time. With this many, the entire place would be swimming in noxious gas, meaning that no one would be able to come in or out for several days. It would get rid of the cockroaches, though, anyway.

“Alright, you creepy son of bitches,” she mumbled, while arming the bombs and wheeling herself outside. “Time to pay...”

Before long, swarms of green gas could be seen billowing inside the store. It wouldn't be long now before all those damn cockroaches either died or scurried outside to escape. Either way, it would be bug free.
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D - Bug Infestation
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