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 D - Work at the Deli

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D - Work at the Deli Empty
PostSubject: D - Work at the Deli   D - Work at the Deli EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 1:33 pm


“Two pounds of cheese, and one pound of beef, please,” the woman said.

“Coming right up,” Sonya responded, wheeling her chair over to the slicer.

In a short few minutes, she had a perfect two pound stack of freshly sliced cheese, and a one pound stack of roast beef. It looked so delicious that she wanted to eat it all right there... but this was for the customer, so she couldn't really do that. Instead, she packed up the selections and came back over to the counter, where she gave the woman her food.

“There you are, come again soon,” she said.

When the woman left, the next customer came up asking for ham, turkey, and cheese. Sonya had his order ready in minutes. She actually rather enjoyed this job. It wasn't too difficult, she always got to meet new people, and it smelled simply wonderful. The mix of meats and cheeses was an absolute amazement to her nose... it was like a dream come true back here. She had almost decided right then and there that if she should ever have to retire from being a shinobi, she'd open her own deli instead. Yes, that sounded rather nice.
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D - Work at the Deli
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