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 D - Tutor the Kids

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PostSubject: D - Tutor the Kids   Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:31 pm


Tutoring... had never really been her strong point. Sure, show a shinobi hopeful how to do a few things, that she could do. But tutoring actual lessons for normal school? She'd never been to normal school, she didn't know half this crap. Yet here she was, assigned to a mission that required her to sit down with a couple of near brain dead kids and try to teach them stuff that she didn't even know. Well, this was going to turn out wonderfully, now wasn't it?

Fortunately, Sonya didn't much have to worry about successfully completing her mission should she not be able to teach them anything. After all, the mission guidelines clearly stated that she had to tutor these kids; it said nothing about tutoring them well.

At the very least, the kids had no idea that what she was teaching them was likely horribly wrong. After all, they didn't know it at all to begin with either. This allowed her to pretty much get through the whole ordeal painlessly, and then get the hell out of there before the parents started questioning her on what she actually taught their children.
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D - Tutor the Kids
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