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 D - House Sitting

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PostSubject: D - House Sitting   D - House Sitting EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 1:30 pm


Now this was the kind of mission she could really get used to. No hard work or physical labor. Instead, this time all she had to do was take care of some guy's house while he was away on vacation. That meant living there for a few days, watering his plants once a day, dusting the shelves a couple of times, eating his food, and lots of lounging around on a big fluffy sofa.

She even had time to make a shadow clone and have it give herself a massage. Given how sore and weak her body had been lately, and how little time she'd had to herself, having an opportunity to get a actual massage was amazing. By the end of it, she was feeling very relaxed and refreshed.

Speaking of relaxed and refreshed, the man also owned a hot tub. Sonya was certain to take plenty advantage of that. She'd never actually been in a hot tub before, certainly not in Suna where it averaged 95 degrees as a daily low. But with the central air conditioning, this place was freezing, and the hot tub felt goooood.
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D - House Sitting
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