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 D - Record Keeping

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PostSubject: D - Record Keeping   Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:22 pm


“This place is really... really... aaachooo!” Sonya exclaimed, sniffling. “Dusty... when's the last time anyone's maintained it?”

“Oh... probably several years ago,” the librarian said. “We used to have a full time record keeper, but he quit. So now there's hardly ever time to get around to it. I'm always busy working in the main part of the library, and there's no one else around here.”

“I see...” Sonya looked around for a moment and wheeled herself up to one of the shelves. “So I take it there are a lot of things out of order, huh?”

The librarian nodded. “Pretty much. That's why I needed some hired help; this would take ages if I had to do it alone. Thanks in advance.”

“Sure, no problem,” Sonya said, taking one of the large scrolls in front of her and opening it. The scroll detailed Suna's early years, after being founded by the First Kazekage. “I guess we'd better get started, then. We could be here for quite a while.”
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D - Record Keeping
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