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 D - Sand Castle Contest

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PostSubject: D - Sand Castle Contest   Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:20 pm


The kid eyed her curiously. “Have you ever built a sand castle before?”

Sonya shrugged a little. “Well, I'm a pretty fast learner, honest.”

“But how are you supposed to help build a castle when you're in that thing?” the other kid asked, pointing to the wheelchair.

“Oh, you let me worry about that,” she insisted, giving them both a reassuring nod. “I'm a shinobi, you know. I have a pretty good idea on how to handle myself in these kinds of situations. We'll win this contest for sure, trust me.”

The first boy continued staring. He didn't seem convinced. “You'd better be right... we've been working all year to perfect our sand castle building techniques. And then our third teammate goes and gets himself sick, so that's why you're here. You'd better be good...”

Sonya didn't think she did too bad... well, it could have been worse, anyway. She helped as best she could, but for the most part, the other two kids didn't let her do much, getting in her way and just having her wet the sand they were using. When all was said and done, she had spent most her time just sitting there and watching them. They won, though, at least. Sonya even got a shiny blue ribbon.
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D - Sand Castle Contest
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