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PostSubject: Serpents   Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:45 am

Summon Name - Serpent Contract
Element - Earth
Scroll Holder - Kenji Hirohata
Summoners - Kenji Hirohata, Megumi Hirohata


Name - Bed of Snakes
Rank - E
Stats - N/A
Description - These particular serpents are small, being no more than a foot long, and cannot to any harm to an opponent.
Abilities/Jutsus - They are very intelligent, and can prove to be excellent scouts, able to gather information about a surrounding area for their summoner.

Name - Urei
Rank - D
Stats - Stamina: 2, Speed: 3, Strength: 2, Intelligence: 4, Chakra Control: 2, Ninjutsu: 0, Taijutsu: 0, Genjutsu: 0
Description - A small serpent, about two feet long. His scales are colored a rough sandy brown, and his eyes are a bright green color. He is somewhat disagreeable by nature, but will usually do as his master commands.
Abilities/Jutsus - Mild Venom (will cause a slight numbing sensation to the limb he bites)

Name - Hakujou
Rank - C
Stats - Stamina: 2, Speed: 4, Strength: 2, Intelligence: 4, Chakra Control: 2, Ninjutsu: 2, Taijutsu: 0, Genjutsu: 0
Description - He is twice the size of Urei, at four feet long, and his scales are a pale blue in color. His eyes are bright yellow, and is always ready for a fight.
Abilities/Jutsus - Venom (will cause severe pain to the point of injury), Underground Fish Projection

Name - Shippou
Rank - B
Stats - Stamina: 2, Speed: 3, Strength: 2, Intelligence: 5, Chakra Control: 2, Ninjutsu: 0, Taijutsu: 0, Genjutsu: 5
Description - Is roughly twenty feet long and thirty feet tall, with bright silver scales that gleam brightly in the sunlight. He is usually loyal to the one who summons him, unless mistreated, in which case he will turn on his master. He cannot speak. His fangs possess no venom, but are serrated, and can puncture an opponent and then tear it open, making the wound larger.
Abilities/Jutsus - Flower Petal Escape, Journey Into Darkness, Ephemeral

Name - Sobou
Rank - A
Stats - Stamina: 4, Speed: 4, Strength: 4, Intelligence: 2, Chakra Control: 4, Ninjutsu: 4, Taijutsu: 0, Genjutsu: 0
Description - He is roughly fifty feet long and five stories tall, large enough for the summoner to ride on his head. His scales are poisonous purple in color, and his eyes are black as coals. While usually not in a good mood to be summoned, he will fight as long as there are enemies for him to kill.
Abilities/Jutsus - Severe Venom (will can cause severe illness, which includes vomiting, internal bleeding, and migraines, within an hour after the bite), Swamp of the Underworld, Mausoleum Earth Dumpling, Iron Body

Name - Burakku
Rank - S
Stats - Stamina: 5, Speed: 5, Strength: 5, Intelligence: 3, Chakra Control: 3, Ninjutsu: 4, Taijutsu: 0, Genjutsu: 0
Description - He is the head of all snakes, at more than a footbal field in length and ten stories tall. His scales are a pitch black color with white stripes spaced evenly the length of his body, and his eyes are a blazing red. Atop his head are bony spines that point backwards, looking like horns. Burakku despises being summoned, and is not shy about expressing his displeasure, often threatening to kill the summoner. It is extremely difficult to earn his respect so that he will do what his master asks, but if the situation suits him, he will fight.
Abilities/Jutsus - Iron Body, Extreme Venom (would put any normal man into a coma within moments, although the opponent would have to worry more about being swallowed whole rather than being poisoned), Poison Mist, Skin Shed Body Replacement (B-Rank), Mausoleum Earth Dumpling
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PostSubject: Re: Serpents   Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:56 am

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