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 Love Poems....

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Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Love Poems....   Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:27 pm

I made this awhile ago. I want feedback on it. Please and Thank you..

Shining Light
You are my shining light,
The most beautiful thing in my sight.
There is nothing I would rather do,
Then hang around you.
You are mine,
Some people have to wish millions of times.
To find someone like you,
I know our love is true,
Because the trouble I went through,
Making this for you....

Shining Light was made for my ex-girlfriend, who dumped me cause I was hanging out with my friend, who happened to be a girl....

From the day that we met,
In that science class,
My spirits has lept,
Into a high-rising pass.

From the moment that we,
Started going out,
My heart has been,
Happy with no doubt.

Everytime I'm with you,
Whenever your near,
Are precious moments,
That I hold dear.

My heart is urging,
For me to say,
Is that I love you [Insert girlfriend's name here],
In everyone way.

You are beautiful,
And kind,
Not a flaw,
I can find...

Thank you,
For being mine...

Another one for the same ex...

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Love Poems....
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