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 D - Help Repair a Bridge

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PostSubject: D - Help Repair a Bridge   Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:58 pm


“I'll need a couple of those two by fours, if you please,” the bridge builder stated, while hammering in several nails.

“Coming right up,” Sonya said, wheeling herself over to the stack of wood behind them. She grabbed two planks and wheeled herself back again. “Here you go.”

The old man took the the wood from her and continued pounding nails into place. “You know, you handle that wheelchair pretty well. My sister's in one, and she's always skidding out of control.”

“Oh, uh, thanks I guess. Just practice, I mean I'm pretty determined not to let it slow me down.”

The bridge builder laughed a little and hammered another nail. “That's good, shouldn't let it hold you back. How long you been in it, if you don't mind my asking?”

Sonya shrugged. “About two weeks, maybe a little longer. I was poisoned on a mission... they managed to cure it, but it's left my body crippled. The recovery is... slow. They say I'm only at about 30% of my full health. Until I'm back to normal, I've only been able to do small missions like this one.”

“Hmm... well I'm sorry to hear that,” the bridge builder said, giving her an understanding nod. “I do hope you make a full recovery soon.”

Sonya smiled a little. “Thanks, I will try.”
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D - Help Repair a Bridge
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