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 D - Water the Plants

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PostSubject: D - Water the Plants   Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:55 pm


Damn hose wouldn't budge. It seemed to be wrapped on some rather old and rusty looking crank type device that just wouldn't turn no matter how hard she pulled. It didn't help that she had no leg strength right now, sitting in her wheelchair. Muttering to herself, she finally came up with the idea of tying the end of the hose to the back of her wheelchair in attempts to reel the thing out like fishing line.

“Alright, shouldn't be too difficult...” she said to herself, taking in a deep breath. She then started to push the wheel chair as hard and fast as she could get it to go... that proved to be a failure of an idea. The hose didn't budge, causing her to stop suddenly and get yanked backwards, causing her to fall head over ass out of the chair and roll across the ground.

She slowly pushed herself back up, coughing several times. Several splatters of blood sprayed out on the ground. Clearing her throat, she wiped her mouth and very weakly started to pull herself to her feet, just managing to stand upright long enough to slip back into the seat. After taking several moments to recover, she finally was able to get the hose unraveled to start watering.
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D - Water the Plants
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