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 D - Search For Lost Pet

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PostSubject: D - Search For Lost Pet   Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:51 pm


“Heeeere, Chiko, Chiko, Chiko,” Sonya called out, wheeling herself down the village streets. An hour of searching already and still no sign of the small white dog that belonged to the Dimyo's wife. Either she was very bad at searching, or this dog was very good at hiding. Or both. Still, she didn't give up hope. No, she continued on, confident that she would find the pet eventually. After all, these were the only sorts of missions that she could do right now. Her body still felt weaker than a newborn's, her recovery from Itami's poison going very slowly.

It had been about a week, and she'd been in for daily check ups so the doctors could monitor her progress. They estimated that she was at about 20% of her full health right now. That was still better than after she'd woken up from the coma, when she'd been at close to 3% of her full health. Fall to 0% and it's game over, death. She suddenly heard a dark bark somewhere off to her right. Turning, she noticed a small white furball disappear around the corner. “Oh no you don't!,” she called out, wheeling herself after the thing as fast as her little arms could push.
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D - Search For Lost Pet
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