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 D - Pull Weeds

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PostSubject: D - Pull Weeds   Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:30 pm


Weeds. She hated weeds. She hated weeds even more than she hated that Itami person that had put her in this wheelchair... well, okay, maybe not quite that much, but she still despised them quite a lot. She could do any other job in the whole damn village, but pulling weeds got on her nerves in about two minutes. There was just something about it that rubbed her the wrong way, and she couldn't figure out what it was. How did weeds even grow in a desert? That didn't even seem fair, almost like they were mocking her.

At least this time, she didn't actually have to do anything. Still confined to her wheelchair, she made a few shadow clones and had them get down and dirty, kneeling in the sand and tugging up the scraggly, dried up plants. There were so many of them to do, too... all around the administration building, which was quite large. She almost felt sorry for her clones; they obviously hated this work as much as she did. They were her, after all.
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D - Pull Weeds
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