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 D - Help With Potato Digging

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PostSubject: D - Help With Potato Digging   Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:29 pm


“Are you sure you can help with this?” the old lady asked, looking from her potato garden and then back to Sonya. “I just meant, you have to do a lot of kneeling and bending to dig up the potatoes from the garden, and you're... well...”

Sonya sighed, smiling slightly. She made a hand sign, causing a shadow clone to pop into existence. “Don't worry, my clones can still walk... mostly. You'll have a fresh pile of nice potatoes by lunch time.”

The old lady let out a pleased laugh. “Oh, I see, I see. Thank you, then. I'll leave you to your work, and I might even make up a batch of lemonade and sandwiches for you in the meantime.”

“That would be wonderful, thank you,” she replied, smiling a little warmer. In spite of all the depression she'd run into lately, she'd found time to smile, and that made her happy. She still couldn't forgive herself for losing to Itami; she couldn't even get any useful information out of him. She had failed in so many ways that it made her head spin. She had to get better, stronger. Soon as she was out of this wheelchair, she'd make that man regret leaving her alive.
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D - Help With Potato Digging
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