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 D - Buy Cheese for the Kazekage's Assitant

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PostSubject: D - Buy Cheese for the Kazekage's Assitant   Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:28 pm


“A pound and a half of cheese, please,” Sonya said, wheeling her chair up to the counter of the deli.

One of the Kazekage's assistants wanted a very special type of cheese only sold in one of Suna's more shady districts. Either the woman was too lazy to go get it, or she feared the hooligans roaming the streets. She thought that such a fear would be quite silly, so for now she just assumed the assistant was lazy.

Just as she was receiving the cheese from the man behind the counter, she had to turn her head and let out a series of hacking coughs. She still hadn't recovered from the crippling effects that man's poison had had on her. Every now and then, the lingering effects attacked her, such as now. The red droplets that her coughs sprayed onto her shoulder was proof of that.

“Thanks...” she muttered, taking the cheese from him and putting it in her pack. She turned away and rolled herself off back down the streets, towards the administration building make the delivery.
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D - Buy Cheese for the Kazekage's Assitant
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