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 D - Babysit the Daimyo's Grandson

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PostSubject: D - Babysit the Daimyo's Grandson    Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:26 pm


“So... are you like a cripple or something?” the kid asked her.

Sonya exhaled and glanced over at him. Stupid child asking stupid questions... well, okay, maybe she was being a little hard on him. She was just in a sour mood, really. All thanks to that man Itami. He had defeated her... and had done so easily, despite her skill. Even her Tsukuyomi, which had hit him with full force, had somehow had no real lasting effect on him. It was almost like he simply ignored the damage it should have caused, and said damage went away because of it. Then again, it didn't really matter. She had already lost before that; it had merely been a last ditch effort to do some damage, and slow him down. At least she had managed to keep him from killing her.

“No... I'm just, um, sick, that's all,” she said.

The doctors had told her she was lucky to be alive. Whatever poison that jutsu had injected her with, it wasn't like anything they'd ever seen before. They'd only barely been able to concoct an antidote to it in time. It seemed like that was the one break she had got that day. Her body still had a long way to go in recovering, though; for now, she was confined to a wheelchair, and forced to take on low grade, menial missions until she was back to full strength.
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D - Babysit the Daimyo's Grandson
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