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 Jinton (Rock)

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PostSubject: Jinton (Rock)   Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:29 am

Name - Jinton
History - The founder of the technique can to be traced to the second Tsuchikage who had children who had children and so on making a clan. Before their were ninja villages, this clan was sought heavily after by the feudal lords to preform the most dangerous task. When other village's started their creations, this clan was the decided to build up a village a name it the hidden rock village. Recently, the clan has went into hiding in the rock village out of fear but have returned to help restore the village back into the big city state it once was.
Kekkei Genkai - Dust Release
Members -

Clan Jutsus

Name - Dust Cloud Technique
Type - Nin
Rank - D
Element - Fire, Earth, Wind
Description - This is the most basic Jinto Technique known a jinton user simply performs three handseals and then creates a jinto cloud to cover a certain area of the battle feild up to 1m in radius other than reducing vision for opponents and not the caster.

Name - Dust shuriken jutsu
Type - Nin
Rank - C
Element - Fire earth wind
Description - To perform this jutsu, a Jinton user fist has to form a set of three hand sings, while at the same time he has to concentrate wind and earth chakra into the area around him. With the hand sings finished, he will use his kekkei genkai to lift the dust from the ground, while forming shurikens from the dust. After making a couple of shurikens, the user will add one more hand sing, sending them at his opponents.

Name - Rising Dust Cutter jutsu
Type - Nin
Rank - B
Element - Fire, Wind, Earth,
Description - Rising dust cutter is a jutsu made by utilizing the sharpness of the wind element, and the strength of the earth element, which are then combined to create a deadly jutsu. For performing this jutsu, a jinton user does not need to make hand sings, he/she only needs to place his hand on the ground which has dust on it. After that, he will use both of his elements to create a cutting wave of dust, going in a straight line towards the opponent. This wave has the ability to cut trough almost everything. It cuts trough weak, medium and strong materials. Anything harder than metal will not be effected by this technique.

Name - Dust Breaktrough
Type - Nin
Rank - A
Element - Fire, Wind, Earth
Description - An improved version of the Wind jutsu called great breaktrough. To use this jutsu, a jinton user must first use his bloodline abilities to rise some dust from the ground. After that he will have to make a set of five hand sings, while at the same time concentrating wind chakra into their mouth. With the hand sings done, the jinton user will then start spitting out all of that wind power, into the dust gathered. As that blast passes trough the dust, it will pull the dust with it, making a powerful blast of dusty wind. Unlike normal wind jutsus which have a weakness to fire, this blast will have a resistance to fire, due to the large amount of dust in it.

Name - Jinto: Crushing Walls
Type - Nin
Rank - A
Element - Fire, Wind Earth
Description - The jinton user creates two walls of dust after creating enough dust for the ninjutsu on either side of him and lines them up with the opponent and sends them towards them at high speed aiming to hit the two sides of the opponent and crush them these walls take alot of chakra to make and can crush bones easily but they take alot of chakra to do so. You can advance this jutsu by making it like detachment of the primitive world at effect the opponent and moleculer level this takes even more chakra but still less than detachment of the primitive world.

Name - Jinton: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique
Type - Nin
Rank - S
Element - Fire, Wind,, Earth
Description - The Tsuchikage, Ōnoki, uses his Dust Release to create a cube which expands in size when being dropped onto his target. The target and everything touching the cube are then pulverized at the molecular level, breaking down into dust.

I will post more in customs when I think of them...
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PostSubject: Re: Jinton (Rock)   Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:45 am

First off, Dust is a horrible translation. It's more like 'particle', because 'dust' would be wrong in the head, so take that into consideration.

Second off, you can only have 2 elements, so you can't make it anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Jinton (Rock)   Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:14 am

You see, the thing about this clan, is that it's way to overpowered. For example the S-Rank jutsu that you have up. We don't really allow one hit kill type jutsus do to the fact that you can't kill someones character without their permission, so technically the technique would NEVER hit since no one wants there character to die unless it's planned ahead of time... I for one don't want to approve this clan... sorry. unless the ones higher up from me say otherwise anyway's.
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PostSubject: Re: Jinton (Rock)   

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Jinton (Rock)
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