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 Hitomi - Genin

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Character Description


A petite and chubby-faced 12 year-old, Hitomi sports a rather interesting choice in hairstyle for a ninja: twin pigtails with no braids. Her curly, upper-back length brown chestnut hair complete with some glimmers of brown sugar and cinnamon tops a sweet, angelic face with wide, innocent, light-brown eyes (almost reminiscent of a wood). Very pale skin and a rather tall frame for one so young characterize a gangly clumsiness that is common with children who are just becoming teenagers. Ahe wears a dark grey turtleneck longsleeve top with a capri-style bottom so common with ninjas, of the exact same color. Her clothes appear too baggy for her, hiding her body- and a tooled leather belt with a wooden buckle holds the baggy pair of pants upon her waist. Her holster is rather special: it detaches into two equally sized halves- one half buckled to each leg, as to facilitate Hitomi’s constantly indecisive mood in choosing which hand (she is ambidextrous) to hold a ninja weapon in. Many would describe her as “cute” and quite on the way to becoming a raving beauty.

Basic Information

Profile Name: Artemis_Sol
Character Name: Hitomi
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 110 lb
Personality: Hitomi has often been lamented, especially within her Academy days, as being a talented but altogether silly and impractical individual. She is hyper at the best of times, and easily distracted. She has been referred to the medical wards for having ADHD, but to no avail; the Academy teacher who supervised her refused to have them medicate her, stating that it would ruin her abilities. Otherwise, she is like any other child, albeit a ninja, and a proficient one at that. She also has the rare ability to find something in everything to like. Although she is smart and quick on learning, she has much trouble applying learned material to actual missions.
Loves: Folk tales, fairy tales, music
Likes: Spicy Udon noodle soup, eel bentos
Dislikes: Not applicable
Relationship Status: Single
Family: Her father is a non-ninja and an ingenious traveling folk musician. Prior to dying of tuberculosis, he returned, bringing Hitomi back from his endless roaming of the countries and enrolled Hitomi at a ninja academy at a very young age (5). Her mother died birthing Hitomi.

Basic Info Continued

Rank: Genin
Village: Iwa
Position: Wandering Ninja
Team: None
Clan: Mitsukai
Affinity: Wind
Second Affinity:
Inventory: One set of Kunai (3), One set of Shuriken (15) and Two sets of Exploding Tags (10)


There is very little known about Hitomi. Her father was a traveling folk musician and her mother dead before Hitomi could remember much. She enrolled at the academy at the age of 5, graduating when she was twelve, as she failed her final sparring exams multiple times. Since then, she has been living in Iwa, but moves in and out of the village to explore other places within the Earth Country and vast Iwa outskirts (mostly to explore and to listen to others' stories). Although she is supposedly a genin (she passed the Academy in Iwa after 5 failed exams), she has yet to be appointed formally by a village as a ninja.

Character Stats

Stamina: 3
Speed: 2
Strength: 2
Intelligence: 1
Chakra Control: 2
Ninjutsu: 2
Taijutsu: 2
Genjutsu: 1


Current AP: 0
Current TP: 0
Current Ryo: 0




Nawanuke no Jutsu - Escaping Skill
Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique
Henge no Jutsu - Transformation Technique
Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of Body Stance Technique
Kakuremino no Jutsu - Magic Cloak of Invisibility Technique


Kai – Release
Shunshin no Jutsu – Body Flicker Technique



Achiever of Nirvana Fist Style
Shou Shitsu – Rising Knee
Ōkashō – Cherry Blossom Impact

Kekkei Genkai


Chakra Coloring


Wing Seal


Gauntlet Strikes
Angel Boots
Halo Chakram
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Hitomi - Genin
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