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 Hissori's Assassination Tools

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PostSubject: Hissori's Assassination Tools   Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:49 pm

Name - Kantsuu
Rank - B
Type -Crossbow
Size - Small
Owner - Hissori Bikou
Description - A light weight and small handheld crossbow that was developed in Ame. It can fire as far, fast, and as powerful as any normal bow but is much more easily concealed. Arrows must still be purchased at regular price from the store.

Name - Shou
Rank - C
Type -Bracers and Short Swords
Size - Small
Owner - Hissori Bikou
Description - Metal bracers at the end of Hissori's arms. These metal bracers were also developed in Ame for Hissori to use. They are mainly used for deflecting attacks but they come with a secret contraption. The Shou blades (the blades in Hissori's picture) can connect into the bracers and be extended out in order to surprise enemies with just a few finger movements. This also makes the weapons hard to detect, and makes them perfect for assassinations.

Name - Jinkei
Rank - C
Type - Dual Hand Blades
Size - Medium
Owner - Hissori Bikou
Description - http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/2130/889960-riddickboxart_large.jpg Due to their odd design the weapon is very hard to predict movement wise. The blade is sharp on all sides with the exception of the curved part that comes right after the handle, this part is serrated in order to help block other bladed weapons from striking Naesala. By slashing Jinkei can easily be used as if it was a dagger, cutting at close range. However, the tips at the very end are extremely sharp, allowing the user to impale, hook, or stab enemies right through. They are very light weight and easily hidden from view, making them ideal for assassinations. They are also made out of chakra metal.
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Hissori's Assassination Tools
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