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 C - Subdue the Warthogs

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PostSubject: C - Subdue the Warthogs   Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:45 pm


“So... those are what we're fighting this time?” Shiro said, glaring at the pack of wild desert warthogs in the distance. They were just roaming around randomly it seemed, while causing travelers great worry by attacking them. “Psh, they don't look so tough. They're just a bunch of smelly animals, that's all.”

Kagura gave him an odd look. “Ever hear of karma?”

“Uh...what?” he said, blinking back at her.

“Never mind.”

Kenshin rubbed his eyes and shook his head. “Okay, well let's just get this over with. I'm not exactly big on wrangling up wild animals, so the quicker we do it the better.”

“So, what do you all think the best way to round up these warthogs would be?” Sonya asked them, folding her arm and standing back. She'd let them try and take charge of things here. It would be a good learning experience for them.

Kagura scratched her head for a minute, thinking. “Well... the best way would be to use some kind of genjutsu on them that would trick them into heading away from he village. But... none of us know how to use genjutsu.”

“Except our Sensei...” Shiro said, giving Sonya an accusing look.

“You can do this on your own,” she said. “You can't always resort to my help. So, go ahead and try to round them up on your own.”

Kenshin took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. “This... won't go well.”

And indeed it didn't... not for the genin anyway. For Sonya, things went swimmingly. She stood back and had a good laugh at their misfortune. For a while, they jut sort of tried running around the warthogs, yelling at them to shoo. When that didn't work, they tried attacking with ninjutsu, aiming to hit the ground in front of the pack and scare them. This succeeded in only pissing them off, as the warthogs started to attack, charging at the poor kids. Once even clipped Shiro, sending him airborne a good ways until he landed hard on the sand, faceplanting the ground.

“I'm ok....” Shiro muttered, slowly getting up.

Now that the warthogs were all riled up, it proved rather difficult to get them to do anything really. No further attempts to get them to leave the area worked, only making them angrier. They attacked the genin a few more times, until finally all three of them retreated back to their sensei.

“This.... isn't working...” Kenshin said, breathing haevily.

Shiro tenderly rubbed a bruise on his side. “Yeah... what he said.”

“Um... Sensei?” Kagura said. “We, uh.... would love some help... please, maybe?”

Sonya took in a long breath, considering their plea momentarily. “Weeeell... I suppose I could help you out... but you all have to clean my apartment.”

They answered with annoyed groans. They had already had to clean her apartment one other time a while ago, when they'd lost a bet with her over something stupid. “Fine...” they all answered. They just wanted this mission to be over with already.

“Very well then,” Sonya said, casting a genjutsu on the entire warthog pack. Leading them away after that was quite simple.

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C - Subdue the Warthogs
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